Zen Koi Earrings | Sterling Silver + Purple Epoxy Enamel

Zen Koi Earrings | Sterling Silver + Purple Epoxy Enamel

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Overlayed with a glossy finish of metallic purple enamel, this beautifully crafted sterling silver pair of Zen Koi earrings highlights the Konma Koi pattern with a cool overtone. Coiled around a pair of natural amethysts, these earrings will complement any dress with a dash of purplish tone.

300 Zen Koi 2 in-game pearls, worth USD19.99, will be given out as a gift if you buy this pair of earrings. To redeem the pearls in game, please check the card with redemption code attached in the jewelry box. 


Total weight: over 7.1 grams (a pair)

Length: 24mm

Width: 11.5mm

Thickness: 7.3mm

Metal: sterling silver (925 silver)

Gemstone: a pair of natural amethysts in round brilliant cut. 

Gemstone weight: over 0.6ct/pair

Gemstone size: 4mm (3.75mm-4.25mm) in diameter

Coating: metallic purple epoxy enamel

Earring stud type: silicon

Don't know what is epoxy enamel? Check this: https://www.britannica.com/art/enamelwork 

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