Care For Jewelry

Vector Gems Tech uses a diverse range of materials to make Jewelry for Gamers. They include metal materials like 18K Gold, 9K Gold, 925 Silver, Brass or Alloy. Natural sapphire, ruby, spinel, garnet, tourmaline, topaz, quartz, aquamarine, pearl or synthetic zircon are our most commonly used gemstones. High-temperature enamel and epoxy enamel are often used to elaborate the many colors on some jewelry.

How to take care?

Please avoid extreme temperature, hard shock and abrasion against hard objects. These may cause metal prongs/bezels to bend out of shape under pressure, and the gemstones/enamel may cleave, fracture, get loosen or fall off entirely.
Please avoid perfume, cosmetic lotion, hairspray and swimming pool water, which could alter or destroy the color and luster of the metal, enamel and some loose-surface gemstones.
Please fasten the gemstones setting prongs/bezels frequently to ensure gemstones remain secured. This can be done at most jewelry retail stores.

How to clean?

Please clean the jewelry in mild soapy water and wipe with a soft and clean cloth. Soft-bristled toothbrush will be useful to brush off visible dirt.
Please avoid high-frequency ultrasonic cleaner.
Please frequently use the included polishing cloth to remove grease and dirt on the jewelry surface and to remove tarnish for silver jewelry.
How to keep?
Please keep the jewelry in sealed zip lock bags included in our jewelry box. Each piece is to be kept in its own zip lock bag separately to avoid the jewelry scratching against each other.
Please put the jewelry in the zip lock bags and enclose in the jewelry box to avoid pressure/shock on the jewelry, especially during transportation.

How to repair?

For silver jewelry, we provide metal repair service free-of-charge within 30 days from the delivery date.
For 18K Gold, 9K Gold and alloy jewelry without high-temperature enamel, we provide metal repair service free-of-charge within 60 days from the delivery date.
For gemstones, we do not provide free repair/replacement service unless they arrive damaged. If the gemstones are lost or broken, we will provide a reset service at USD10 per piece of gemstones. Customers are responsible for the cost of replacing gemstones.
For high-temperature enamel, we do not provide free repair service unless they arrive damaged. If high-temperature enamel is broken, we will charge USD50 per piece of jewelry for remaking the high-temperature enamel, and USD20 per stone for gemstone removal and reset.

Customers are responsible for the return shipping and the repaired jewelry re-shipping.