Special Reminder for High-temperature Vitreous Enamel

Please be gentle when wearing or handling high-temperature vitreous enamel jewelry.

Some of Vector Gems’ jewelry are coated with high-temperature enamel, to highlight and accentuate colors with gorgeous gemstone-like luster.

As the high-temperature vitreous enamel is a thin layer of coating crystalized from gemstone powder melt (lava) under high temperature (800-1300 centigrade), it develops fresh colours and gemstone-like luster, but it is fragile at the same time.

For high-temperature vitreous enamel, we do not provide free repair service. Once it is broken, it cannot be repaired, and will have to be remade all over.

Remaking the high-temperature vitreous enamel takes time. The jewelry craftsmen will need to take off the gemstones from the jewelry, and soak the whole jewelry in strong sulfuric acid for 3 weeks to peel off the high-temperature enamel. They will proceed to polish the gold metal base, and recoat the polished gold base with gemstone powders. Finally they will heat the jewelry to 800-1300 centigrade and let the gemstone powder recrystallize on the gold base surface, and finally reset the gemstones.

Vector Gems will charge USD50 per piece of jewelry for remaking the high-temperature vitreous enamel and USD10 per stone for gemstone removal and reset.