Zen Koi Necklace | Sterling Silver + Lake-blue Epoxy Enamel

Zen Koi Necklace | Sterling Silver + Lake-blue Epoxy Enamel

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Overlayed with a glossy finish of lake-blue enamel, this beautifully crafted sterling silver Zen Koi pendant highlights the Konma Koi pattern with a cool overtone. Coiled around a natural topz, this fish will complement any dress with a cooling lake-blue tone.

300 Zen Koi 2 in-game pearls, worth USD19.99, will be given out as a gift if you buy this necklace. To redeem the pearls in game, please check the card with redemption code attached in the jewelry box. 

To be delivered before Christmas 2019. 


Total weight: over 7.06 grams (including the chain)

Length: 24mm



Metal: sterling silver(925 silver)

Chain length: 40cm, can be adjusted to 45cm

Chain thickness: 12mm 

Gemstone: a natural London-blue topaz in round brilliant cut. 

Gemstone weight: over 0.3ct

Gemstone size: 4mm (3.75mm-4.25mm) in diameter

Coating: metalic lake-blue epoxy enamel

Don't know what is epoxy enamel? Check this: https://www.britannica.com/art/enamelwork