Dark Portal Pendant | 925 Silver
Dark Portal Pendant | 925 Silver
Dark Portal Pendant | 925 Silver

Dark Portal Pendant | 925 Silver

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Dark Portal, the origin and witness of all.

Dark Portal was constructed by the joint forces of the Council Guardians under the control of the Fallen Titan and a group of evil Orc Warlocks who thirst for power. The purpose of the Dark Portal was to give Orcs the access to invade the inland continent to liberate the Fallen Titan there. The plan proceeded exactly as expected by Fallen Titan in the beginning. However, the Orcs gradually went out of the control of the Fallen Titan. They recovered the past glory and achieved an ally with the human being. Together they defeated the Fallen Titan and its army and expelled the invaders out of the planet from the Dark Portal.

In order to defeat the Fallen Titan and its army, the 5 legendary heroes on the continent led the elite group of the allied army marched the glorious expedition through the Dark Portal. Nobody ever heard of them from then on. But people know that they are alive, and they are always protecting the homeland of humans and the Orcs.

---Storyline by Haruka Sai


Total weight: 7.9 grams (pendant)

Pendant length: 40mm

Pendant width: 25mm

Pendant thickness:5.7mm

Chain length: 40cm, can be adjusted to 45cm

Chain thickness: 1.5mm

The chain is not fixed with the pendant

Metal: 925 silver

Gemstone: Synthetic zircon | Drop shape |Size 9*4mm

Surface: 18K yellow gold plated

               2 foot pits filled with blue resin

               Tree bark texture