Eye-of-Knowing Necklace | 925 Silver
Eye-of-Knowing Necklace | 925 Silver
Eye-of-Knowing Necklace | 925 Silver
Eye-of-Knowing Necklace | 925 Silver

Eye-of-Knowing Necklace | 925 Silver

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The Eye of Knowing is an observer. Its eternal existence prevents the world from destruction. 

Through tens of thousands of years, the world maintains a delicate equilibrium under the control of the Divine Dragon who loves humans and the Evil Dragon who intends to eliminate the human being.

When the balance is broken and the world falls to the fringe of destruction. The Eye of Knowing will pick out the Selected among the masses of the people, guide him and temper him. The Selected will wear the embodiment of the Eye of Knowing. Its form varies depending on the characters of the wearer. 3 forms are known by now: Affection, Catastrophe, and Equilibrium. Whoever forms possessed will be driven by fate. Disregarding how he attempts to fight back and chooses the route, he will eventually be directed to the pre-paved tracks.

Affection: The Incarnation of justice and righteousness, believing in the good nature of human beings no matter how he was treated.

Catastrophe:  Being tired of the unsteadiness and deceits of the human being, he believes that redemption will only be achieved by destruction.

Equilibrium: Partly kind and partly evil, ready to sacrifice everything only to achieve the absolute balance.

---Storyline by Haruka Sai

This item is made-to-order. Please allow 4 weeks for production. 

925 Silver + Natural Blue Sapphire

Total weight: 18.3 grams (including the chain)

Pendant length: 65-80 mm adjustable

Pendant width: 40-60mm adjustable

Pendant thickness: 6.6 mm

Chain length: 38cm, can be adjusted to 33cm

Chain thickness: 1.1mm

Metal: 925 silver 


1 piece | natural blue sapphire | pear shape | size 8*6mm | weight 1.33ct

1 piece | natural white sapphire | round shape | diameter 3mm | weight 0.15ct

6 piece | natural white sapphire | dound shape | diameter 2mm | weight 0.18ct

Surface:  18K white gold plated

This Necklace goes with a gemstone and metal report issued by Nan Yang Gemological Institute Singapore.