Tri-force Bug Earrings | 925 Silver
Tri-force Bug Earrings | 925 Silver
Tri-force Bug Earrings | 925 Silver

Tri-force Bug Earrings | 925 Silver

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The emblems of the 3 Founding Goddesses, symbolize Strength, Wisdom, and Courage. They are scattered in the thousands of shrines around the world.

To resurge his noumenon into the World of Light, the avatar of the Devil Lord—the High Priest keeps searching for the emblems. Once he collects all the three emblems and subsequently acquires the Tri-Force, the World of Light will be devoured by the Darkness. Once the Devil Lord was resurrected into the human world, the human world will fall apart. 

Meanwhile, the descendants of Courage Goddess, the Knight Class, who sacrificed their lives while protecting the 7 sages with their bodies as shields against the Devil Lord, is also searching for the emblems. With the assistance of the 7 sages and their descendants, in order to fight against the Devil Lord.

---Storyline by Haruka Sai

The item is made-to-order. Please allow 4 weeks for production.


Total weight: 5.9 grams (a pair)

Length: 88mm

Width: 7mm(metal part)

Thickness: 7mm(metal part)

Metal: 925 silver 


2 pieces | natural pink tourmaline setting stone | round shape | diameter 1.5mm

40 pieces | setting diamond | round shape | diameter 1mm | total weight 0.35ct

Surface: 18K white gold plated

               Partly pink enamel coated 

Irridescent green material: jewel beetle wings (buprestidae wings)

Check this Wikipedia page for more information of jewel beetle: