An Archite Lord Earrings | 9K Gold
An Archite Lord Earrings | 9K Gold
An Archite Lord Earrings | 9K Gold

An Archite Lord Earrings | 9K Gold

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The An Archite is the most ancient and mysterious species in the world, though there is hardly any record about them.

According to the myth, An Archites emerged into the world even before the Old Gods, and have been regarded as the natives on this planet. 

When the Old Gods emerged, An Archites started to believe in and serve them. During The Titans' invasion into the planet, the Old Gods were defeated, The Titans then imprisoned all of the An Archites as a punishment. Therefore, the name of An Archite was unheard of ever after.

However, just when the people on the planet almost forgot this ancient species, An Archites have constructed giant underground kingdoms in the north and the south of the continent.  A perfect opportunity was all there were waiting to resurrect their ruling of this planet.

---Storyline by Haruka Sai

9K Gold with Epoxy Enamel

Total weight: 18.42 grams (a pair)

Length: about 37mm

Width: 12-40mm

Thickness:  7mm (the thickest part)

Metal: 9K yellow gold

The bug wings on the earrings are movable and dangling.

Gemstones: natural peridot (triangle) | natural blue topaz |natural white topaz | fancy shape | total weight 1.36ct

Coating: epoxy enamel | purple and green color 

Special reminder:

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We don't provide repair service for this pair of earrings.